Strength Workouts

With my signature FUN blended into the mix

Group Coaching

All the tips and tools that will set you up for SUCCESS

Daily Tracker

You'll stay focused and accountable on the path to your personal GOALS

This 3-week initiative starts January 8, 2022

Group Coaching

There is power in connecting with other women who are committing to their wellness. (If you can't make the Zoom call, you'll get the replay.)

Nutrition Guide

You'll receive this robust guide you can use as a guideline or following recipes exactly. This is all you will need to know for lifelong knowledge.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

During the 21 days, you will receive fun and effective workouts. These workouts will be housed in a private portal that you can log into anytime.


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You be getting ALL my expertise:

13 years as a personal trainer and group exercise leader

6 years as a Wellness Coach for UC Berkeley

5 years as the Director of Strength Training at Hipline

PLUS my desire to always make challenging things as fun as possible.

Thousands of dollars worth of value... Only $397! 

I Want In!

We will be focusing on a holistic approach to give you the reboot you need (plus a lil' extra emphasis on the booty) as well as arms and core.


Within our amazing, intimate, supportive community of women, we will focus on:

  • Better eating habits so that you have more energy
  • Sleep hygiene and mindfulness so that you feel better able to "show up" for all things life
  • Developing a positive mindset so that you can catch & zap those negative ones with positivity
  • Supportive posture for your bones and more strength in your muscles so that you feel better in your body.

If you are looking to FEEL BETTER and are willing and able to do the werrrrk (yes, change does take work!), the Reboot(y) Initiative is IT!

A 'lil recap on what our three-week initiative will include:


  • Strength Workouts with my signature fun blended in to the mix
  • Daily emails to set you up for success with mindset.
  • A Nutrition Guide that you will receive as soon as you register.
  • A Daily Tracker to keep you focused and accountable on your personal goals.
  • PLUS more!


Are you ready?

Space is limited.

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