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About Me

Let's move, love.

Dance changed my life.

After teaching dance to kids for a few years, I eventually transitioned to teaching movement to adults.

When I saw how I could take dance and strength training and make it FUN while encouraging women to be FREE and EXPRESSIVE, I knew this was my path, my heart's calling, my soul work! 

I'm here to show you how to feel free, let that hair down, breathe, relax, laugh more, love life and feel connected.

My Methods

I am a believer in the healing and transformational powers of  connection, movement, and laughter. 

My methods for living a more SOULFUL life are simple and easy to follow. They combines everything you need to meet fitness goals and develop positive behaviors in exercise, eating, sleeping, stress reduction and mindfulness. 

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"I always feel better, more uplifted during and after class. Heather exudes so much energy and joy through the screen it feels like we're all together in one room dancing. It's definitely been a big help in getting through these times!"

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12 fun facts about me

#1 I like turquoise, tapas and flowers. I am an advocate of bright colors, eco-friendly glitter, and meditation. I adore tropical vacations and time to just chill on the beach.


#2 Black tea is a staple in my life; I drink it like most coffee drinkers do lattes. I love sparkling wine aka “bubbles.”


#3 I can have a bit of a "potty mouth," except when I teach yoga, of course.


Woah! I am all over the place. I’m just so excited to share! Let me take a breath and focus.


#4 I grew up on and off of a military base in Spain, where my parents were both hard-working teachers. I studied ballet. Not because I enjoyed it (hellooo, perfectionism), but because it was what I did. My friends were from everywhere, Puerto Rico to California to France. Growing up as an “Americanita,” I spoke primarily English, with some Spanglish thrown in. Not speaking better Spanish is one of my few regrets in life.


#5 I was very shy when I was younger. This can occasionally come out still if I’m in a big group of people I don’t know, which surprises people now. 


#6 My family flew back to the U.S. every summer to visit friends and family. It wasn’t until I moved stateside for college that I experienced serious culture shock, and came to realize how much the unique experience I had growing up overseas impacted my sense of self and my larger worldview. I still think I will end up somewhere abroad eventually. Most def by a beach. I really adore the ocean.


Woah again! While there is more much I could share, I'll have to save it for another time. So here is the nutshell of my adult life...


#7 In college, I was fortunate enough to have been a part of a dance troupe that allowed me to experience a sense of community and fun, changing my relationship with dance. With a major in English, and minors in dance and women’s studies, I moved from Oregon to the Bay Area, and felt as though I’d come home. I became an elementary school teacher, with a strong focus on equity within education. When I got my Master’s in Education a couple of years later, I taught movement and dance in schools. A few years ago, I actually ran into one of my kiddos (full grown, taller than me ) who went into music because he played the drum in our movement class. 


Just wow, right? I so appreciate these kind of magical moments in life!


#8 I was so intrigued by movement and the differences as well as the overlap of styles. I studied kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do. At this time, I also transitioned into being a Literacy Specialist for first grade students, and began my passion for teaching dance fitness to adults as a side gig. I kept getting drawn in to go deeper. 


Y'all, this was 13 years ago! Where does time go?


#9 After experiencing the profound benefits of receiving regular bodywork after a really, really bad breakup, I was inspired to pursue studies at the McKinnon Institute and was instantly drawn into the world of Shiatsu. I was fortune to be invited to teach this beautiful art form a few years later, and taught with a focus on self-awareness, connection, and intuition. 


You'll have to read my book Ready for the fun scoop on all my dating roller coaster rides!


#10 Over the years, I've become increasingly amazed at the deeper connection between mind and body. From a foundation of dance and strength training, I enhanced my personal yoga practice and became a certified hatha yoga instructor, and currently teach Gentle Yoga classes for UC Berkeley  in addition to dance fitness, strength, and stretch classes with heart and soul at studios in Oakland.


Well, right now, I'm all about the live classes on Zoom. You should join one of my memberships!


#11 As a "Jane" of "many trades," I clearly am never bored. In order to have it all in balance, I practice the ongoing art of self-care, as if my life depends on it, because, well, really, it does! All of my fuel and fire is felt in the energy, inspiration and positivity of every experience I lead. 


#12 And speaking of, in October 2016, I led my first Hermosas (Women's Wellness Retreats) to Tulum, Mexico.  After seven beautiful retreats to various international locations, I am excited to offer the next one (fingers crossed) in October 2021.


I will say in all honesty and from the depths of my heart, I get deep joy and satisfaction from what I do. I am able to help facilitate people finding balance and joy in their lives. I feel very blessed. Extremely blessed, actually, to do this as my passion, my calling, my sol work. 

How awesome that *our* journey begins together now! What about you? What's your story, love? How will we connect, heart to heart? I am so freakin' excited about our possibilities!


Next Steps

Ps. Here are some amazing organizations I support and I'd love for you to check them out...

Kiva - Kiva's mission is "to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive." You can send a loans to female entrepreneurs around the globe for as little as $25. 

Southern Poverty Law Center  - This American 501 nonprofit legal advocacy organization specializes in civil rights and public interest litigation.

The Sogorea Te Land Trust - This women-led organization not only facilitates the return of traditionally Chochenyo and Karkin lands (in the San Francisco Bay Area) to Indigenous stewardship, but works towards cultivating a more active, reciprocal relationship with the land.


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