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When was the last time you felt totally alive...

When I close my eyes, I vividly remember freedom.

The gentle breeze, my apron to hold special things, the smell of pine, the warmth of sun on my head while I looked down at Mama Earth and the Rolly Pollies.

I recall being home with my family. Fuzzy pajamas with the feet and a long zipper. A warm fireplace. Sounds of the record player. Laughter. And me, fully expressed. 100% able to tune into my needs and express them clearly.

I can easily feel into being in my yard, running around in circles, arms spread, eyes to the sky, waiting to take off. Believing strongly in the possibility. This would show up in many dreams...flying, feeling fully into freedom.

I remember when I felt free.

I also recall feeling small.

Many unknown people.
A prescribed routine.
A certain way I was supposed to be.
I got very quiet outside of my home.

And, in the midst of the smallness, I still remembered feeling free.
With family.
With friends.
When my eyes were to Earth or Sky.
In my dreams.

Being an introvert in a world that loudly tells you who you are supposed to be is challenging.

As I grew up and entered high school and college, I dressed in extra layers of clothing. My Mama used to call me a turtle, poking my head out the shell when I felt safe.

I began to emerge as part of a Dance Troupe, as I established deep friendships, and when I moved to San Francisco to begin teaching. I tuned into my heart to express more fully from the inside out.

The biggest transformation was when began at a lil' old gym 15 years ago. I experienced the power of women moving with intention. Who were used to living in boxes. Who were made to feel small. Who could still taste freedom. The freedom of Sky and Earth.

When I look back at myself in this red dress, I had no idea who I'd become. I was in the moment, alive, aware, fully me. When I felt lost along the way, I couldn't know that this would become one of the ways of developing compassion for today.

I teach women how to be in their bodies, listen more deeply to their heart's desires, and trust themselves.

Movement is what unites us.

Freedom is what we feel.

I welcome you to join us, as you are, authentically, beautifully, blissfully to find what connects us and what allows you to be uniquely you as we embrace the journey of who we be & who we are becomming.

My Methods

I am a believer in the healing and transformational powers of  community coming together for reflection, movement, gratitude, SolWork and, of course, hella laughter. 

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I believe in giving back.

Check out these amazing organizations I support regularly...

Kiva - Kiva is an international nonprofit, with a mission to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive. You can send loans to entrepreneurs around the globe for as little as $25. You can choose to get paid back, but I keep that money in there and add more each month so it continues to help more and more women with developing their businesses. 

Southern Poverty Law Center  -The SPLC is a catalyst for racial justice in the South and beyond, working in partnership with communities to dismantle white supremacy, strengthen intersectional movements, and advance the human rights of all people. This is crucial work. 

The Sogorea Te Land Trust -This women-led organization not only facilitates the return of traditionally Chochenyo and Karkin lands (in the San Francisco Bay Area) to Indigenous stewardship, but works towards cultivating a more active, reciprocal relationship with the land. Having lived in Oakland for so many years, I feel it is important to give back in this way.


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