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Retreats offer you the ability to press pause on the busy-ness of your everyday life in order to connect more deeply with yourself and with a beautiful community of like-hearted women.

Nov 2023 California - SOLD OUT
December 2024 Mexico

We embrace our commonalities, our uniqueness and believe in owning our 24 flavors (and then some). We love meditating and sipping wine. We enjoy laughing and diving into deep conversations. We believe in the wisdom of Buddha and Beyoncé. We adore reflecting and celebrating as well as calling ourselves out on our own $hit. We use curse words wisely.

We believe that movement and being embodied hold the keys to living life lusciously, as we continually dance towards balance and bliss. We believe in singing while we dance, even when we are belting out alternative lyrics to songs. We live with intention and kind hearts, and with actions that allow the world to be a better place.

We believe in the power of women coming together to connect, laugh, and elevate each other. We embrace our worthiness every damn day and practice saying YAAASSS to self-care and gratitude toward what bring us JOY.

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November 2023 California
December 2024 Mexico