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With 20 max people in any given class, I usually know everyone's name and their story... When you join you become part of a community! 


I'm here for you, boo! Add a Workout + Wellness Assessment to your membership (available at checkout) and we'll set goals and keep you accountable!

"Heather exudes so much energy & joy through the screen it feels like we're all in one room together!"

- Kamilah

Live Classes: Weekly Schedule

Monday Rise & Shine 8:15-8:45am /  ReVida Stretch 6:00-6:45pm

Tuesday Rise & Shine 8:15-8:45am  / SolStrong 6:00-7:00pm

Wednesday Rise & Shine 8:15-8:45am  / * Monthly Full Moon DanceAmor Party

Thursday Rise & Shine 8:15-8:45am  / *A3 Series (Abs, A$$es & Arms)

Saturday SolStrong 10:30 - 11:30am

Full Moon DanceAmor Party ~ Wednesday, January 19, 6pm

Interested in bringing classes into your workplace? Message me to talk about possibilities!

Note: All classes listed in PT.

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Disclaimer: Safety first! Please always consult with your physician before engaging in fitness activities or exercise programs.



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  • Access to the full on-demand video library 
  • 2 Live Classes/Week: Choose between SolStrong or Yoga Stretch LIVE classes (see schedule above)



7-day free trial / Cancel anytime

  • Access to the full on-demand video library
  • Unlimited access every week to SolStrong,Yoga Stretch LIVE classes
  • Join any series and special holiday classes for free! The only membership with this feature!



7-day free trial / Cancel anytime

  • Access to the full on-demand video library* including...
  • Yoga Stretch
  • Cardio Dance
  • Strength Training
*The library will continually be updated with new videos!

Andrea E.

"I love Heather's classes because they remind me to be me at my own level on a given day. Freedom to be silly... Freedom to just breathe. Freedom to take it down a notch if my body is not at 100%" 

Sara P.

"I love Heather's SolStrong classes because they are always a great way to challenge myself and build up my strength. I appreciate that she has modifications for each exercise because I always get a great workout no matter how prepared, or tired, I am. Not only do I get a fun, physical workout during each class, I also leave feeling rejuvenated and stress-free." 

About DanceAmor

Seeking release and joy in the midst of it all? DanceAmor uses easy-to-follow choreography to bring you back to center, express your unique flavors and find freedom in your body. This class will get your heart rate up and allow you to express from the heart.

About Rise & Shine

Start your day with this delicious intention-setting combination. 15 minutes of meditation followed by 15 minutes of mindful movement to awaken and your body, allowing you to start your day feeling ready, grounded and open.

About SolStrong

Wanting to feel embodied while tapping into your inner grit? SolStrong is a full-body workout that will strengthen your muscles, allowing you to work on your balance, and deepen your relationship to your body.

About ReVida Stretch

What better way to end a day with a REBALANCING session? This gentle yoga class will allow you to cultivating a deeper sense of how basic poses feel in your body and leave you feeling tranquility in the body, mind and heart.

All the tools you need to get fit and have fun!

Start with a free trial and keep going until you hit your goals. My classes are not only LIVE, but they are INTERACTIVE... Ready to feel good? Let's dance/breathe/sweat/get emobdied together! 

And... breathe.

I'm all about keeping it in balance. My members love the variety of classes, but if you don't then you can cancel* anytime before your next scheduled membership renewal date. 

*See Terms & Conditions at checkout. Always consult with your physician before starting an exercise program.
*Top icons (l-r) by Pete Fecteau, Azam Ishaq, Aneeque Ahmed / Noun Project