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With smaller classes, we know everyone's name and their story... When you join, you become part of our community where you are seen, appreciated and loved! 


We are here for you, Love!

Add a Workout + Wellness Assessment with Heather to your membership (available at checkout) and we'll dive into your individual needs.

"Heather exudes so much energy & joy through the screen it feels like we're all in one room together!"

- Kamilah

Weekly LIVE Zoom

Class Schedule

Rise & Shine

Mon-Thur at 8:15-8:45AM

Start your day with this delicious intention-setting combination. 15 minutes of meditation followed by 15 minutes of mindful movement to awaken and your body, allowing you to start your day feeling ready, grounded and open.

NOTE: These classes are 30 minutes. 

Props: A yoga or movement mat can help on a hard floor. Having 2 pillows or towels can also help with certain shapes.


Tues 6-7PM with Heather

Thurs 6:30-7:30PM with Nicky

Sat at 10:30-11:30AM with Heather

Wanting to feel embodied while tapping into your inner grit? SolStrong is a full-body workout that will strengthen your muscles, allowing you to work on your balance, and deepen your relationship to your body, with some fun dance sprinkled in.

Props: Light weights and/or long bands with handles; shorty circular band; yoga block or ball. Note: if it's your first class, just come to move and get props later!

ReVida Stretch

Mon at 6-6:30PM

What better way to end a day with a REBALANCING session? This gentle yoga class will allow you to cultivating a deeper sense of how basic poses feel in your body and leave you feeling tranquility in the body, mind and heart.

Props: A yoga or movement mat can help on a hard floor. Having 2 pillows or towels can also help with certain shapes. If you have a roller, tennis balls, or a stretching strap, please bring.

Choose what works best for you...

Note: Rise & Shine and ReVida Stretch are 30 minutes; SolStrongs are 1 hour.

4 LIVE Hours A Month


$14.25 per hour


  • 4 LIVE Hours per Month 
  • SolStrong about 1x a week -or- Rise & Shine 2xs a week. 
  • This is a good package to supplement other movement you are doing.
  • Includes Access to Video Library



8 LIVE Hours A Month


$12 per hour


  • 8 LIVE Hours per Month
  • SolStrong about 2 xs a week -or- daily Rise & Shine.
  • This is a good package to maintain your wellness levels.
  • Includes Access to Video Library

12 LIVE Hours A Month


$9.75 per hour


  • 12 LIVE Hours per Month!
  • Great package if you want to mix & match class types!
  •  This is 3 SolStrongs a week -or- 2 SolStrongs PLUS 2 Rise & Shines a week
  • This is the best package to enhance your wellness levels.
  • Missed a class? You can apply towards a special class (Full Moon Dance Party, NYE special, etc). Note: This does not apply to special series.
  • Includes Access to Library



$6 per hour (!!!)


  • MORE THAN 25 hours LIVE a month!
  • BEST package if you want to mix & match class types, including...
  • Yoga Stretch
  • Cardio Dance
  • Strength Training
  • Self-massage
  • Special classes and series also included on this pass!
  • Includes Access to Library 

Can't make it to a live class?

Check out the video Library that you can do anytime!

Video Library


The abundant on-demand library is updated regularly since variety is the spice of life!

 Each option above is auto-billed every 30 Days for your convenience.


Need an additional class?

Just wanna pop in without a bigger commitment? 

I gotchuuu, Love!

All classes are visitor and beginner friendly. 
$17/1 SolStrong -or- 2 Rise & Shines

If you're experiencing financial challenges, and would like to benefit from classes, please email me.

Love Disclaimer: 

Please always consult with your physician before engaging in fitness activities or exercise programs. 

One-on-One Training 

Not sure where to start? Want to build a solid foundation before jumping into class? Prefer a more focused movement session or coaching around nutrition, habit training, and/or mindset, I do this kind of mentoring, too!

Request One-On-One Training

Andrea E.

"I love Heather's classes because they remind me to be me at my own level on a given day. Freedom to be silly. Freedom to just breathe. Freedom to take it up or down a notch to listen to my body's 100%" 

Sara P.

"I love Heather's classes because they are always a great way to build up my strength. I appreciate that she has modifications for each exercise because I always get a great workout no matter how prepared, or tired, I am. Not only do I get a fun, physical workout during each class, I also leave feeling rejuvenated and stress-free." 

And... breathe.

I'm all about keeping it in balance.

Sometimes there are life circumstances that happen, so know you can cancel* anytime before your next scheduled membership renewal date. 

And, if you want to change your membership, cancel the one you have and sign up for the one that's a better fit.

*See Terms & Conditions at checkout. 


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